It doesn't work when I click the blue thingy

Some support tickets are cryptic! Reply to zendesk tickets with a screen recording request. Customers record their screen while narrating their issue then send directly back to the zendesk ticket page.

Close more tickets with no hand-holding customer screen recordings

Customers don't always know how to describe their issue in a ticket. You don't want support staff tied up while scheduling and coordinating a screen share meeting.

Send screen recording requests
Support staff can send screen recording requests directly from zendesk to customers with the click of button.
No special software to download
Customers don't need any specialised software. They can record their screen directly from a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox and Edge)
Easy to use
The process is very easy for the customer which means the support staff are free to handle other tickets while the customer completes their recording.
Watch recordings in zendesk
Recordings are accessible directly from within zendesk so support staff do not need to switch context.

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